5 Ways To Convert Your Empty Notebook

Maybe you have an empty notebook lying around, or perhaps you want to treat yourself to a new one. Either way, we have put together 5 fun and exciting ways to convert your notebook into something that can add value to your life! Let us know if you try any of our ideas.

1. Record Your Dreams!

Keeping a dream diary is a perfect way to use your empty notebook! Dreams have always been something mysterious that scientists aim to figure out more about, and how they play a role in our lives. You can actually start to figure out the patterns of your own dreams, by keeping track of them.

A dream diary or journal is a record of what you experience during your dreams. It is as simple as writing down everything that you dream about and everything that you can remember. As you start to build your diary up and become more confident, you can analyse what your dreams mean, and what they could represent. Keeping track of your dreams is said to actually help improve memory. It also helps you to understand your emotions and thoughts more deeply. A few tips to start:

  • Start writing as soon as you wake up! A good way to do this is to keep your notebook as close to your bed as possible. Check out our nu: Craze Pastel Notebook if you are looking for a new notebook to start fresh and try this out! Click Here!
  • If you want to analyse your dreams, try comparing your dreams to your daily life. You can start to track your day as well, which can help to build an idea of how your day could have influenced your dreams.

2. Use Your Notebook As A Daily Planner

Using your blank notebook as a daily planner is super easy! Simply use the pages to plan what you are doing each day. Maybe you like to plan your days the night before, ensuring that you wake up knowing what you are doing that day, and hence you may decide to use your notebook before you go to sleep. On the other hand, you may prefer to plan your day in the morning. You can place a notebook by the side of your bed, no matter if you use it before you sleep or when you get up in the morning. Our Things To Do pad is perfect for this, as you can also add your goals and priorities for the day. Find the link to this notepad here. Available in 6 colours, this pad is a great way to start a daily planner.

3. Track Your Habits!

Is there a habit that you are wanting to start but can’t seem to stick to it? Why don’t you use your empty notebook as a habit tracker! Or maybe you want to stop doing a certain thing, but can’t seem to have the motivation to do so, a habit tracker might help!

A habit tracker is as simple as creating a tick or cross box, alongside each habit that you are aiming to build or perhaps break. This is a great way to use an empty notebook! Examples of habits that you may want to build or break:

  • Do not snooze my alarm clock
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast
  • Go for a walk outside everyday
  • Message someone that I love, to have a good day
  • Drink a certain amount of water per day

Obviously, these are just examples, and everyone will have their own habits that they want to form!

If you don’t have an empty notebook around or want a fresh new one, we would suggest either our Evolve Things To Do Pad or our Evolve Wiro Notebook.

There is nothing like that feeling of a new notebook!

4. Manifestation

I would say that using your empty notebook as a tool for manifestation is the easiest to start out of the 5 of our suggestions! Manifestation can be anything from goal setting to affirmations. Use your notebook to create your dream life. Maybe you want to create a vision board or add images of what you want your life to look like. Whatever it is that works for you, use a notebook to start. You can find our blog on using your notebook to create a more positive life here, for more information on how to start affirmations and goal setting.

Creating a simple list of things you want to achieve tomorrow, is a great place to start with manifestation- all you need is an empty notebook and a pen. Don’t have any empty notebooks lying around? Why not treat yourself to a personalised one! Click Here!

5. Turn Your Notebook Into A Recipe Book!

Spring is fast approaching and with the change in season comes new foods, and new ideas for dinner! Why not start March right with turning a notebook into a recipe book! They are great to keep track of your recipes, and how your ideas turn out. It is also a great chance to be creative and improve your current collection of recipes. Maybe making your own recipe book will inspire you to find new meal ideas! Creating your own, means that you can personalise it and have all of your favourite meals in one place, instead of having them all across several books! Our notebook recommendation would have to be our Stone Journal. It is not only waterproof, but it is aesthetically perfect for the kitchen! Find out more information here.

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