5 Ways To Build Your Notebook For A More Positive Life

A notebook can be used for many things, but have you thought about building it into something that can have a positive impact on your life? We suggest separating your notebook into 5 sections, each with its own goal of adding positivity to your day. Maybe the process of writing in this notebook will be something you want to do every morning to start the day right, or perhaps it is something that you prefer to do weekly.

Why don’t you separate each double page into different outlined sections and title them in advance so that you can fill them in with ease? No matter how you decide to layout your notebook, here are 5 sections that we’d recommend including!

1. Affirmations

Write down a few positive affirmations every day in your notebook. Our brains run of the thoughts that we say to ourselves. By telling yourself that you are something, you are reinforcing that viewpoint into your brain.

For example, the affirmation “I am confident” can be used to feel more confident every day. If you tell yourself this, you will start to act like you are confident, and eventually that will turn into a true confidence. Affirmations can reduce self-sabotaging and negative thoughts, and in turn, if repeated enough, can create positive outcomes.

Here are a few examples of affirmations you could write in this section of your notebook:

➢ I am successful.

➢ I am strong.

I can be whatever I want to be.

Happiness is a choice, and today I choose to be happy.

2. Your goals

Writing affirmations is one thing, but created a roadmap to how you are going to get there is even more important. We all need direction and by repeating, brainstorming, or breaking down your goals, we can become more clear on which direction we want to move in. Goal setting is a great thing to do at the start of the year when motivation may be high and you want ‘this year to be the best year yet’, however it is carrying this mindset on that is the hardest. It can be a good idea to reflect on your goals at the start of the month or week to realign yourself towards them. Sometimes you may find that you don’t actually want to achieve those goals anymore and change them. Actually, repeating your goals in a few lines is something that can be very useful to do every day, and a section you should add to your notebook!

3. To Do list

Next up is a practical section that we all need. A to do list is super important to keep organised and ensure you don’t forget anything. Even if you don’t have anything super important to remember, a to do list helps to get your thoughts on what you want to do today down on to paper and out of your head. A simple ‘tidy kitchen’ will help to see your tasks and then you can productively get everything done. From here, you could even schedule your day and prioritise your tasks

4. Journalling

Adding a journalling section into your notebook is a great way to prompt you to journal each day. Just by journalling for a few minutes a day, you can understand yourself better, reduce stress and increase your mood. Add a section into your notebook, just make sure you leave the biggest amount of space for this one! Even if you only have time to write a few sentences, it can really add positivity to your day.

5. Gratitude

Finally, add a gratitude section to your notebook. Practicing gratitude is proven to massively improve positive emotions and positivity. Other benefits include an improvement of self-esteem, feeling more generous and kinder, and lower stress levels.

For example, writing things such as “I am grateful for my health” can make sure see the positives of your body and what you are capable of, instead of perhaps the negatives.

Find a Notebook

The final step of building your notebook with all of these positive sections, is to choose which notebook you want to use.

Maybe you want a smaller A5 notebook that you can travel around with, or perhaps a bigger A4 one for more space per page.

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