Nuco International Ltd Modern Slavery Act Policy Statement

Nuco International Ltd (referred to as Nuco) is unwavering in its commitment to the
principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We acknowledge that it is imperative to ensure
the absence of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and throughout our
business. This policy articulates our dedication to preventing modern slavery and outlines
the proactive measures we are implementing.

Policy Statement:
1. Commitment to Compliance: Nuco is steadfast in complying with the Modern Slavery Act
2015, emphasizing transparency and ethical conduct in all business operations.

2. Risk Assessment: We conduct regular risk assessments of our supply chains through 3rd-
party ethical auditing and on-site checks by Nuco personnel to identify and assess the risk of
slavery and human trafficking.

3. Due Diligence: Nuco implements due diligence procedures to ensure all aspects of our
business and supply chain are free from slavery and human trafficking. This includes regular
on-site checks and compliance with Sedex members' ethical trade audit (SMETA)

4. Supplier Relationships: We expect our suppliers and partners to share our commitment
to eradicating modern slavery, assisting Nuco in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act by
ensuring slavery and human trafficking are absent in their organizations and supply chains.

5. Employee Training: We conduct regular training for our management/buying teams to
recognize signs of modern slavery and know what steps to take if suspicions arise within our
supply chain.

6. Reporting Mechanism: Nuco encourages the reporting of concerns related to modern
slavery directly to our Quality Director. All reports are treated confidentially, investigated
thoroughly, and appropriate actions are taken, including possible suspension or termination
of supply contracts.

7. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually improving our processes and
procedures to prevent and address modern slavery. Regular reviews of policies and
practices ensure their ongoing effectiveness.

8. Communication: This policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers, and
stakeholders. It is accessible on our website, and copies are available upon request.

Review: This policy will undergo an annual review or as needed to ensure its continued
relevance and effectiveness.
Approval: This statement has been approved and fully endorsed by the board of Directors.

G. Wilkinson,
Managing Director,
16th November 2023