1. Reduce waste plastic packaging & remove plastic from our notebooks
In 2018 we made the commitment to discontinue all of our notebook ranges with plastic covers, remove all unnecessary shrink wrap and remove plastic packaging where possible. This saved 135 tonnes of plastic per year! We continue to work hard to reduce our plastic usage wherever possible.

2. Source ethically and responsibly
We consistently meet and exceed international global ethical standards for manufacturing, and all our factories are ethically audited to the highest level. It is an integral part of our ethical commitment to ensure that our products are only made in factories that have fair working conditions and fair pay for workers, as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

3. To exclusively use FSC® accredited paper in nu: Notebooks
All of our nu: Notebooks are made using FSC® certified paper and board. This means that the trees used to make the inside pages and covers are from responsibly farmed forests that promote forest restoration and support local communities. Learn more on https://fsc.org/en.

4. Support the planting and protecting of the Heart of England Forest
It has never been more important to invest in our natural environment and help combat climate change. One of the most popular solutions for carbon offset called for by scientists is to plant more trees across the world. nu: Notebooks is delighted to partner with The Heart of England Forest, in our pledge to support their vital woodland creation mission.
Our ongoing partnership and support will help the charity to plant, maintain and manage vital new trees and woodlands for the country. Learn more on https://heartofenglandforest.org/