Why Having a Clear Desk Improves Your Productivity

The environment that we do our work in, whether that is a desk in an office or a table at home, can have a huge impact on our quality of work and productivity. Do you know the quote ‘Tidy house, Tidy mind’? We’re sure you have heard of it, and all of the benefits of decluttering your home and bedroom, feeling more relaxed, and reducing stress, to name a few. Well, the same is said about decluttering your desk. 

Saving Time 

Firstly, there is a very logical reason for why a clear desk does make everything more efficient. It comes down to the fact that when everything is organised and tidy, it is so much quicker to find everything. Every time we look something that you could have sworn was in that draw, but actually you left it in an entirely different place, you lose minutes of previous work time. Those few minutes spent finding things, add up to hours - hours that could have been saved by having a clear organised desk to begin with. Now we must say that productivity isn’t always the main focus of work, and its important to not always be as productive as possible, but by savings time looking for things, you can use this time to have actual scheduled down time and rest. 

Feel More in Control 

Everyone knows that feeling that you are losing control of your surroundings, everything is on top of you or that you can’t seem to do anything right. It likely that a messy disorganised desk is contributing to this feeling. How are you meant to tick of the to do list, if you have been constantly filled with a cluttered environment! So, this is your nudge to tidy and clean up your desk! Maybe you are sat at it right now, spare 15 minutes of your day to declutter, and you’ll be feeling more in control of your tasks! It may not feel like you have the time to do so, but in actual fact it will save you time down the line! 

Reduced Stress Levels 

The effect of feeling more in control? You will feel so much less stressed! Stress is something that should be taken seriously, it can lead to health 

problems and have a negative impact on you. So, if we can recommend something, start with your desk or workspace! 

Other Benefits of Having a Clear Desk: 

You’ll feel more relaxed. 

➢ More space to think 

Improve how comfortable you feel. 

Better reputation in the workplace. No one wants to be next to a cluttered, messy desk all the time. 

Higher levels of confidence – if someone asks for an important document, you know exactly where it is! 

Improved creativity? (See below 😊 ) 

A clear desk can lead to higher creativity if you are the type of person who needs organisation and order. But this may not be the case for everyone! 

Some studies suggest that a messy desk may not always be a negative thing and can in fact lead to higher levels of creativity. However, this is only true in a few cases when you are working on a creative project or thinking of new ideas. 

Albert Einstein himself actually had a cluttered, messy desk and talked about the benefits of keeping your desk messy. He said, “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?” So, we are not here to say that a messy desk doesn’t have its creative advantages as well, but if productivity is what you are looking for, it may be time to declutter! 

How to Start? 

We recommend writing a list of sentimental things that you want to keep on your desk, the things that HAVE to go and the essentials that must stay. 

Take a look at our Things To Do Pad, perfect for keeping organised and ensuring your desk is always tidy and clear! This pad is available in 6 colours, Red, Black, Orange, Green, Pink and Blue. Choose a pad that matches your desk colour theme and start decluttering your desk! 

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