What Your Notebook Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person just from the notebook they use. Are they creative doodlers or do they work in a profession taking meeting notes?

Buying a notebook is such a personalised task as the cover and style will not only aid you in your notebook writing but also become a reflection of who you are.

We have highlighted five different types of notebook users and what they may typically be drawn to. Which one are you?

The Eco-Friendly Educator

The eco-friendly notebook choice will not also be in the education industry like a lecturer but will be interested in learning about the world and how the different parts work together.

If this sounds like you, do you find yourself educating others about the benefits of being more eco-friendly and the different options people can take to be a better friend to the environment? For instance, their choice of notebook and if the paper used is FSC certified. If so this eco-friendly notebook from the nu: Evolve range would be perfect for you (and them).

The Organised Operator

Do you like to keep everything organised? With to-do lists and keeping track of different projects, you have running alongside each other? If yes then you will probably have one or two project books on the go with a handful of colourful sticky notes popping out the sides.

Keeping organised can be tough, even for the more organised among us. Having tabs for different projects or even just different aspects of your life will help keep ideas and notes all in the right place so you can find them when flipping between projects or different school subjects.

If you like to stay organised but just use a normal notebook then you need to look at getting yourself a project notebook or even a study planner.

The Colourful Creative

Is your mind bursting with creative ideas? Or do you like doodling in the margins? I know we all did in school but for many of us, this is a habit that carries through to adulthood. You will love bright and pretty colours like these Pastel Coloured Notebooks that bring forth the colourful creative person you are.

All those notions and thoughts you have, need to be captured in a notebook before they flitter into the ether of your mind so keeping a small notepad to jot down and capture them is essential to you.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes these days, not just artists and poets, but digital content creators, interior designers, game developers and much more. Make sure your note-taking device matches your creative soul.

The Polished Professional

A clean sharp business look should be accompanied by a clean sharp notebook. You can’t be seen taking notes in a meeting with a scrappy a4 re-fill pad. You’ll need something that looks simple with a soft leather look that sits on your desk with pride.

It’s not that you don’t like a splash of colour but when going over your notes with clients or taking notes about the client’s requirements your notebook needs to look the part, not just your smart suit.

If this sounds like you, or at least where you want to be then check out this professional notebook which is bound to put you a cut above the rest.

The Innovative Inventor

Do you ask Alexa what the weather’s like or ask Siri to direct you to the nearest electric car charging point? If your home is filled with new tech or if you like to tinker with transistors to make your life more efficient – or cool – Then your notebook should match your innovative style.

Traditional paper is too old-fashioned for you. On your LED-lit desk, you have a notebook with paper made from stone. These notebooks have their pages made from stone which gives you water & tear-resistant properties to ensure your notes aren’t damaged when you a franticly flicking back to that idea you had last week.
Plus stone paper is a great eco-friendly option.

The Notebook That Fits You

With so many different options of notebooks and notebook styles, you’re bound to find the one that’s ideal for you, Check out our full notebook range to find your perfect notebook companion.


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