What To Buy A Notebook Lover This Christmas!

We all know that person who LOVES their notebooks. That person who buys a new one at every opportunity! 

The run up to Christmas is here, and we are all on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift! We’ve put together a quick guide to help you out when deciding what to buy for these notebook obsessed people! 

Recommendation Number 1 – The Craze Cloud Pastel Goal Planner 

This is number one on our list because it is not a notebook that you may always think to buy yourself, making it a perfect gift! If you are looking for a gift for someone who may struggle to stay organised and on top of their to do list, this may be the gift you are looking for. Perhaps a student or someone working from home? Each goal planner is bound using strong black twin wire and the internal pages consist of high quality – it is available in both blue and pink pastel colours. 

Find out more about this notebook – here.

Recommendation Number 2 – The Evolve Project Book 

This nu: notebook is the PERFECT gift for anyone that is environmentally aware and is doing their bit to help the planet as they are made using recycled and responsibly sourced materials! Not only are these notebooks eco-friendly, they’re also recyclable too! We have ensured that every detail in this collection has been thought of, the twin wiro used to bind our notebook is not coated in any unnecessary plastic, the cotton used on our stitched notebooks are made from natural fibre and the tape on our refill pads are paper. 

Receiving gifts that aren’t sustainable can be frustrating for many people who are doing all they can to be more sustainable. Gifting this notebook can show that you are aware of the importance of being sustainable! 

Want to find out more? Click here! 

Recommendation Number 3 – The A5 Vegan Leather Journal 

Third on our list is our vegan leather journal. This notebook is made from 100% tree free paper, and instead is made from Stone! There is no wastewater or bleach used in this paper, making it much more environmentally friendly than standard paper. 

This notebook is a special gift – this stone notebook offers a super smooth writing experience unlike anything you will have used before, whilst offering durability. Its waterproof pages make this notebook versatile for everyday use both inside and outdoors. 

Click here to find out more! 

Recommendation Number 4 – A Personalised Notebook 

And finally, we had to mention the nu: personalised notebooks! Personalised notebooks are a thoughtful and useful present for any occasion, but especially at Christmas. You can personalise a notebook with the initials of your loved one, making it such a special addition to their notebook collection. 

Click here to see how you can personalise the nu: elite premium notebook (pictured). 

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