What Are The Most Popular nu: Notebooks?

We have a large range of notebooks on offer at nu:, lots of different designs in a variation of colours. We’ve put together a list of our top five most popular products, that you can find on our website by just following each link! So, whether you are looking for some inspiration, some guidance or you are just intrigued by what our most popular products are, then read on! 

Our top five most popular nu notebooks… 

Let’s start by introducing you to our two newest products, which have proven to be super popular already! 

First up, the Nu: Craze Pastel Mindfulness Journal. We’ve designed this notebook to go beyond the role of a standard journal and aid you in developing mindfulness and improving your wellness. The internal pages include planning tools for your days and weeks, track your sleep, food and drink and your wellness goals. Available in two colours, it is easy to see why this is going to be such a top selling product.

Our second new product is also expected to be very popular, the nu: Elite Premium Notebook. The nu: Elite Premium range of notebooks offers high quality, premium products. The covers feature a vegan leather soft touch finish and embossed logo detailing. Perfect for a Christmas gift or birthday present, this notebook will be popular on the run up to Christmas! 

Our Things To Do Pad, in the Craze Cloud collection, is another best seller for us. With a split page layout between your to do list and your goals/priorities, this notebook is perfect to keep a daily track of what needs to get done! It’s such an essential to keep a to do list, whether that is on your phone or in physical form. It is said that writing things down on paper can help to reinforce that information. 

You probably already guessed that our Evolve Project Books would be on the list! These nu: Evolve project books are made using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. Not only are these notebooks eco-friendly, they’re also recyclable too! 

And finally, the final notebook we will be mentioning today is the nu: Elite Kraft Notebook. Our nu: Kraft collection is premium, stylish and practical. Each distinctive notebook features a sleek manila card cover which is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste! 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out our website to find these best sellers, and to browse our other products!  

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