Turn Your Notepad Into Your Own Recipe Book

With the changing seasons, recipes are moving from BBQs and summery salads to warm stews and casseroles, and we are all here for it! Let’s get creative with our recipes and try new foods this autumn/winter. 

Whether you make your own recipes or want a place to note down your favourites, creating your own recipe book has never been easier! 

Here are some simple steps to making your own book! 


Let’s start with picking a theme for your recipe book. There are lots of different types of recipes and the way you organise yours, is up to you! Do you want a specific book for each recipe type, or one recipe book with all of your favourites mixed together? For example: 

Will this be a random collection of your favourite main meals? 

Just for Desserts? 

Will it be solely for starters? 

Maybe you have a specific nutritional preference or allergy, and you want a collection of your own versions of popular recipes? Whether that is vegetarian, vegan or gluten free to name a few… 

Or is this a recipe book for everything and anything? 


Now you’ve decided on a theme, you need to structure the book. Maybe a logical answer would be to have starters at the front of the book, with mains in the middle, desserts towards the back and then the random stuff right at the (if this follows your chosen theme). 

Another idea is to structure your book alphabetically! Whatever you decide, make sure you add titles and subheadings to the pages, and label your recipes! 


Add that personal touch by naming your recipe book. If it’s a family book, you could title it: ‘The (your surname…) ’s Cooking Book’? 

Or if it is just for you, you could name it ‘Cooking with … (name)’. 

Is it for you and your partner? Create a cute or funny name for it! The more fun you have with it, the more likely you are to keep using it! 


Your cookbook should reflect you and how you like to read text. If you are very artistic and enjoy artwork/visuals, you could draw the ingredients, instead of writing them out. Or perhaps draw some funky designs on some of the empty pages! On the other hand, you may want to type your notes up, print them out and stick them into your notebook. Whatever design and structure you decide to use should be unique to you. This is so important if you want to ensure that you are regularly updating your recipe book! 

So, all you need to do now is get started! So, step 5 is… 


Creating your own recipe book with a nu: notebook will be the perfect addition to your kitchen! Which notebook will you choose? 

Firstly, you should decide what size you want your recipe book to be. An A4 notebook may suit you if you want to spread things out and create a more scrapbook style book. You could fill it with drawings and sketches of the recipes. Check out our nu: Craze Cloud Pastel Notebook here – available in several pastel colours, perfect for a kitchen recipe book! 

If you are looking for something more discrete and have decided that a neat list design is the structure for you, then the nu: evolve reporter’s notebook is the one for you! Perfect for quick access and organised notes. Check it out here! 

We also offer personalisation so you add your own initials onto the book to add that special touch, or if you are wanting to create a recipe book for a loved one, you can add theirs! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your recipe book today! 

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