Tips On Preparing For Exam Season 2023

Just like that, exam season is here! We know that is not what anyone wants to hear, it is a time that causes a lot of anxiety and stress for most people. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these top tips. We hope that this helps to inspire you to get organised, reduce your stress and get you thinking about how best to tackle this period. And from us at nu: notebooks, best of luck with your exams! 😊

1. Create a Timetable – Plan Out All Of Your Revision!

Making and following a revision timetable is the first step to success during this exam period! Poor time management can cause lots of stress. Timetables can also help to reduce anxiety by ensuring that the really important stuff is being covered. We would recommend a full timetable across the whole exam period, that perhaps is split into weekly plans. Logically, you can split these into subsections of your different topics, subjects, or modules. Once your timetables set up, make sure you then stick to this! The best way to do so, is a daily to do list, that you can work your way through, in a tick list. We all know how motivating and satisfying it is to tick tasks off, could we go as far to say fun? The only thing you need to get started is the nu: Things To Do Pad! Designed with internal goal setting and list pages, this is an essential for the exam period – browse our colour options here.

2. A Notebook For Each Subject!

There is nothing more satisfying than starting a new notebook, especially when revising for a different subject. We suggest having separate notebooks for each of your subjects/topics/modules! Keeping your notes organised and structured is a MUST in exam season. How else are you meant to locate different sections or find areas of weakness? One way that is proven to be effective, is having different notebooks and note taking areas for each subject. The nu: Craze Cloud notebook collection is available in 6 different colours and are the perfect notebooks for revision. The notebooks are available in various sizes, as we know that everyone has different preferences for the size of a revision notebook.

3. Make Your Study Space Stress Free!

You need to make sure that your study space is somewhere that you feel relaxed and a place that you can focus effectively. Do you like to revise in your home, or are you someone who can’t focus in that environment? There are many study area options, and the sooner you understand the best place for you to focus, the better. Can you revise in the library at your school, work or university? Do you prefer revising in a café with a nice drink to keep you motivated? Ask these questions to yourself and find that space that minimises your stress and boosts your productivity.

4. Quick Fire Questions!

Once you have learnt a bulk of definitions or facts that you need to know, you need to make sure you go over them repetitively to effectively remember them. This is why quick-fire questions are such an effective revision tool. You should gather all the facts or definitions you need to know and go over them across your revision period. We recommend using the nu: reporter’s notebook! It is perfect for flicking through your revision and also a great way to get help from others. You can get a friend or family member to help you, the layout making it easy for them to quick fire through them! Click here to find out more.

5. Ensure You Give Yourself Self-care and Look After Yourself!

It is important during this stressful time to look after yourself and focus on ensuring you are set up in the best possible way for the exams. For example, when stressed it may feel easier to eat junk food, however this is not giving your body the best nutrients and energy for exam success! Likewise, ensure that you get lots of sleep and take time to rest between revision stints. Not only is this important for your mental health, but breaks can also aid exam performance.

Good luck, we hope these tips help!

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