The 6 Colours That Help In Learning

Did you know that colour can have an impact our brains and can affect how we learn? Below, we have explained how using Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, and White in your learning, can promote and enhance different emotions and hence have different impacts on how we learn. So, let’s get started!

How The Colour Red Helps Learning

Red is a colour that promotes alertness, creativity, and excitement. In sports, red has historically been used for success and there is evidence that even football teams like Manchester United, may be at an advantage for wearing red. Red should be used carefully in an education/ learning setting, as it also brings strong emotions of danger and power. When paired with cooler colours, it can help to energise! There is also evidence that says that red can help to maintain attention when learning, and even increase creativity.

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The Colour Of The Sun: Yellow

Yellow generates energy, can boost our moods, and even can improve our memory. It commonly is linked to the sunshine. Yellow can be used in children’s books and educational materials to increase creativity thinking. When learning, it is always a benefit to be in a more optimistic, happy mood and hence using yellow can help to bring better outcomes. If yellow tends to be quite a strong colour for you, have you maybe tried softer shades of yellow?

Yellow is often used to highlight information, with the most popular highlighter pen colour being yellow!

The Colour Green - A Calming Feeling

Next up, green! Green as you might have guessed is strongly linked with nature, and the environment. This correlation causes green to be viewed as a calm and restfulness colour, which again can be used effectively in learning.

Firstly, green can help to focus our attention when we are learning, which is always found to be benefit. The more we focus, the greater amounts of information we can process effectively. Due to the relaxing nature of the colour green, when it is used in classrooms/ learning environments, it can help relax students and hence provide a better learning experience.

The Colour Blue - The Productivity Colour

Did you know that the colour blue can actually increase productivity? For tasks that are more challenging, blue can help to focus our minds on the task at hand. It also encourages a sense of well-being, perhaps due to its correlation with the sea and sky. Get yourselves a new blue notebook and experience the increased productivity! On our website you’ll find lots of different notebooks, but we have two new navy blue notebooks coming soon – check out the nu: Navy Planner and a nu: Navy Lifestyle Planner!

The Colour Orange - “I can” Attitude

Let’s start with a fun fact! There is actually evidence to suggest that orange may increase your appetite. As strange as this sounds, you may need to pack some extra snacks if you plan to use this colour in your learning! But let’s talk about some of the more serious effects of the colour. Orange is actually seen as the mood booster colour! It can help to encourage a “can do” attitude, and hence can be useful effectively in classrooms of students. B&Q is a prime example of a business with the

colour Orange at the core of its identity - a colour that promotes a can-do attitude is ideal for a DIY business!

The Colour White - Mental Clarity

And last but not least, white! When used in a room, white can make the space look bigger and more spacious. However, the space can also look bleak and empty if not paired for other colours. The last thing you want is for the classroom to feel like a hospital room! When used with learning materials such as notebooks, white can create clear thought and promote creativity.

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