The Power of Social Media for Young Writers

It is no secret that social media is becoming a bigger part of our personal lives. However, it is also an essential aspect of a business strategy, and this is no different for a young writer.

Social media is having increasing power for writers, allowing them to connect with their audience, create engagement and share their work.

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It can be hard to decide what platform to use with so many to choose from. Choosing the correct platform is super important, as building an organic following on any platform is time consuming and you want to be able to see results from your time. We have condensed all the noise surrounding social media into some basic information and tips that we hope you find useful!

How many platforms should you focus on? Ideally, you should put time and effort into building your presence on 1 platform (maximum 2). It is not suggested to try to master every platform, but instead focus on a few that suit your audience.

The most popular platform - Facebook

On Facebook you have the choice between a personal page and an author page, both come with pros and cons. You may also decide to join or create a Facebook Group based around the topic of your writing to create engagement. It must be noted however, that this can become time consuming to monitor and manage. An example of someone who has used Facebook well is Paulo Coello!

Some top tips if you choose to use Facebook as your platform:

  • Long, thoughtful, and unique content engages readers.
  • Ideas - You could post about new projects, your book or what inspired you today.
  • Share links and videos!
  • If you are posting videos: vertical videos do 40% better than horizontal ones!

Instagram – the platform with the highest engagement.

Instagram is the most popular with the younger generations and has the highest engagement. Being predominantly a photo and video platform, it requires a creative brain to produce engaging content. You can choose between posts, stories, reels, and IGTV. Consider doing giveaways or competitions to gain followers but you want to make sure your content is always real and authentic! People like to feel like they know the real you. This is the best way to connect with readers, by showing your own personal brand. This is a great platform if you want to target the younger generations but make sure you give your strategy good thought, as the platform is very competitive.

Twitter – most popular with writers

The prioritisation of text over visuals of this platform, makes it very popular with writers. To see results on twitter, follow these tips:

  • Post sneak peaks of your work or cover photos.
  • Ensure your content is engaging and interesting.
  • Don’t post about inappropriate or controversial topics.
  • Participate in trends and hashtags such as #amwriting .
  • Drive people to your website or book through links.

J K Rowling is a great example of someone who is using twitter effectively.

Tips for TikTok!

TikTok is a relatively new platform that consists of short form videos. It is popular with younger generations but is becoming increasingly used by everyone. With such high levels of engagement, it holds a lot of power for young writers. If you can produce interesting content, you should aim to get your book/work trendy or even to go viral!

What about Pinterest?

Sometimes known as the ‘not social, social media platform’. Pinterest is great to send people straight to your product catalogue or website through links. If the audience you are trying to target is female and aged between 25-34, then Pinterest is perfect as this demographic has a high presence on this platform. On Pinterest, you do not need to post consistently or interact with people regularly, so it can ideal if you do not have much time.  


Goodreads is a great place to engage with other authors and readers. It is not recommended that you solely rely on Goodreads to gain interest for your work, or spend hours trying to build up followers, as it can be very difficult and time consuming. However, it is important to have an account on this platform so you can leave reviews, interact and share your work.

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Have you considered Ads? - Organic vs Paid Traffic

Forming a social media presence and getting followers can be time consuming. If you pay for Ads, you can target people that you cannot target otherwise, and it does take as much time. However, you do not want to waste your money and the money needed for Ads can be hard to justify if you haven’t got income coming in yet. The decision on whether to pay for Ads depends largely on your budget, your audience and how much time you can dedicate towards organic traffic.

Facebook Ads can be very effective to target your desired audience. It is an investment and is not cheap, however it will pay off. It is recommended to get support with producing posts and Ads if you are not experienced with doing this. This will ensure you do not waste money and get the best results possible from your investment.

If social media is used in the right way and you use a platform that is best suited to your audience, you can create a lot of interest and engagement in you work. Whether you have written a book or are a blog writer, you can use social media to increase your interaction with potential customers!

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