How To Create Your Own Planner

It can be frustrating trying to find a planner than fits your personal needs and designed in the best way for you. But don’t worry… you can design your perfect planner yourself! It is hard to know where to start when designing your own planner, so we have made this easy-to-follow guide on how to get started! 

What Size Planner Do You Want To Create? 

First things first, you need a notebook! Find one that is practical for the sort of planner you want to create! Do you want a planner that you keep at home, with big pages so you can journal in it as well? We’d suggest a A4 notebook with a binder such as the Elite Kraft Notebook – click here. 

Or do you prefer something smaller to travel around with you? If the answer is yes, then you could look out for an A5 sized pad – check out this one here! 

Adding Sections To Your Planner 

Each and every DIY planner will be different, but if you want some inspiration to get started, we suggest you follow a logical format. Creating a year calendar design for the first insert is a good place to start! You can then always flick to the first page of your planner and know what important dates you need to remember this year. 

Next? Design the pages by month-by-month format, perhaps you can then add monthly goals and plans to each page. The best thing about your own DIY planner, is that you can personalise the date you start your planner. Logically, you may want to start your planner in January, but you don’t have to! Maybe you don’t have the time necessary to sit down and create your planner this month, but want to start one in February, there is nothing stopping you! 

Don’t forget your daily planner pages! If you don’t like to sit down and plan your day daily then you could put multiple days on the same page, or maybe you’d prefer just a weekly page? This is all about what you want and your ideal way to display your text, be creative! 

For example, you could design your day planner pages with the following sub sections: 

➢ 3 goals for today… 

➢ To do list for the day… 

➢ Important reminders for the day… 

➢ 3 things I am grateful for… 

➢ Journalling section… 

Creating your diary and designing your own pages allows you to have exactly what you want on each page, minimising wasted space and making you more productive with what you write each day. 

Make It Your Own! 

Next, decorate it to make it feel like your own special planner! You don’t have to be an expert in arts and crafts to cut out pictures, stencil drawings or add stickers to the pages of your planner. It will be worth it in the end when you see it all come together. 

Thought About Adding A Bookmark? 

Add a bookmark to your planner for easy access to the page that you are on. If your chosen notebook has a binder, you can simply attach some ribbon or string to the top of the binder! You can even try and match the ribbon colour to the notebook and pages. You can be as creative as you want, it is your own personalised planner after all! 

Our nu: Craze Spectrum Journal has a handy ribbon inside, perfect for a bookmark, and it is casebound! Find out more here. 

What Notebook Would We Recommend? 

If you do want to design and create your own planner, we recommend our nu: Craze Cloud Pastel Notebook (linked here). It is available in A4, A5 and A6, in 5 different colours, so pick your favourite size and colour and get started with designing it into your PERFECT planner! This notebook will give you a great base to build on as you can choose your fave colour but there is also space to personalise your design on the front and back covers! 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and create your own planner for the year! And don’t forget to send us photos of the finished product!  

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