FSC® Certified Paper: What Does FSC Certified Mean?

You may have seen the FSC® certified logo on a range of different products.  But what does FSC certified mean? Learn more about FSC below:

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organisation promoting responsible forest management. They certify forests around the world to ensure they meet the highest social and environmental standards. 

FSC is the top standard for ethically sourced paper products. They make sure that the paper they certify has come from responsibly managed forests. These are forests that are socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally conscious.

FSC Label

The FSC label means that the product contains wood from an FSC-certified forest. When you buy a product with the FSC logo, you can have confidence that you are ensuring that forests are alive for future generations.

There are 3 different FSC labels:

  •  FSC 100% – this label means that all the wood in the product comes from FSC-certified forests that meet the environmental and social standards of the FSC.
  •  FSC recycled – this indicates that the timber in the product is made from post-consumer and may include some pre-consumer reclaimed material.
  •  FSC mixed – this label indicates that the timber in the product is a mixture. It can be a mix of fibre from an FSC-certified forest, recycled timber, and FSC-controlled wood.

FSC Standards

FSC has a mission to promote sustainable and well-managed forestry. As part of this, they set strict standards that all certified forest products need to meet. If the product has an FSC label, it lives up to FSC’s environmental, social, and economic responsibility standards.

The FSC tracks and inspects timber material from the source throughout the manufacturing process. They assess it against their standards through every stage of the supply chain, from forest to end-user.

Forests become certified against the following standards. If they meet these standards, they can carry the label:

  • FSC forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife, and the environment.
  • Managers must replace harvested trees if they don’t regenerate naturally.
  • Protected parts of the forest will look after rare and endangered animals and plants.
  • WWF and the Woodland Trust endorse the FSC.
  • The FSC protects the rights of indigenous people. It protects their territories and prevents their displacement.
  • Future generations will be able to enjoy the forest.
  • The forest owner must use local workers and provide training, safety equipment, a good salary, and good working conditions.
  • The forest owner must also support the local community.
  • FSC enhances the social and economic well-being of the people. Both those whose livelihoods depend on the forest and the local community around it.
  • All wood is tracked from forest to store to ensure these standards are met.

Eco-Friendly Notebooks Made From FSC-Certified Paper

nu: Notebooks are working towards making all their products more environmentally friendly, and already offer many FSC ranges, such as Kraft, Cloud, and our newest launched range, nu: Evolve.

The FSC logo on our nu: Evolve notebooks means that the paper and card used to make the notebook is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This new eco-friendly stationery range uses recycled, FSC-approved paper and responsibly sourced materials. With nu: Evolve, you can have complete confidence that your notebook comes from sustainably managed forests.

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