Five Random Acts of Kindness

A simple kind act can go a long way. You never know what people are going through, everyone has their own story. We must never judge people as we don’t know what is going on in their lives. And we must always be as kind as we can to the people around us, as you never know what difference your kindness will make. You could make someone’s day by just a simple smile, or by helping someone cross the street.

World Kindness Day is celebrated on the 13th November this year. It is important however to celebrate kindness all year round and not just on this date. So, we have put together five ideas of how you can share kindness this weekend or next week!

Number 1:

Our first act of kindness is buying coffee for the person behind you in the line! Pay it backwards. This is a simple way to show kindness to someone else but can make a huge difference to someone’s day. And hopefully that person will do the same to someone else, and the kind act that you did will continue to spread.

Number 2:

Our second act of kindness is giving someone your seat on a crowded bus or train. We should always give our seats to the elderly or people with a disability. We also challenge you to offer your seat to someone who may not need it, for the only reason being kindness. Maybe this is on your daily commute in the morning. Think about how much it would have meant to you, to be offered a seat when you are tired and on the way to work. Again, they may pass on the kindness next time they see someone who is standing on their commute!

Number 3:

Next, we have a great act of kindness that you can do next time you go out for food. Pay for the meal of the people that are at the table next to you in a restaurant or café. This is such a kind act to do as this may help them out massively, especially if it’s a family with young kids. For example, those parents may have saved up for weeks to take their kids out for dinner, and that money may make a huge difference to them. You could also leave before they know that you’ve paid for them. Doing something with pure kindness and without expecting anything in return.

Number 4:

Number 4 is a very simple act of kindness. Why don’t you slow down next time you are in traffic and let someone merge in front of you to join the road. This is such a simple thing to do, but can make a huge difference as this person may then do the same to someone else and so on. You never know if that person is late to work and that may have helped them get there faster. If everyone did acts like this more often, maybe rush hour wouldn’t seem so bad.

Number 5:

Our final act of kindness is buying someone in need a warm meal. This may be someone who appears to be homeless or in need of food. Perhaps this is someone who forgot their wallet and doesn’t have any money to buy something in the queue. This is something that could really make a huge difference to that person’s life, and could be the only food they can eat that day. So, by sparing a few pounds and buying them food, you are really doing an act of kindness.

We hope that our ideas on how to show kindness this week have inspired you to do something for someone else. We can’t always help people financially, especially if we ourselves are struggling, but we can all stop and let someone into traffic before us.

Share positive vibes by doing an act of kindness next week!

Our Extra Bonus Idea!

Why don’t you send a gift to a loved to show your appreciation for them!

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