6 nu: Notebooks You Should Buy for Returning to Uni

Are you returning to uni this month? Maybe this is your first year? We have you covered with all types of notebooks that will keep you organised, motivated and help you make the most of this university year! We have put together our top 6 most recommended notebooks that are essential for all uni students. It gets better, we're giving all of these notebooks away THIS MONTH! Visit out Instagram page to enter...

Our Top Recommended Notebook 

The nu: Evolve - Things To Do Pad. The pages are broken down into your To Do List, a Priority List, and your Goals. This is a great way to stay organised and prioritise your workload every day/week. Options in various colours, this pad is a great addition to your notebook collection. The durable card covers with rounded corners are bound with a black metal wirer allowing the book to lay flat or fold back on itself. If you are interested in knowing more click here! 

eco friendly notebook

Stay Organised at University

Next up is the nu: Goal Planner notebook. The internal paper of this notebook is ruled with a goal planning template which includes a list of things to do, space for your daily notes and two sections to reflect on how your day went and what your goals are. It is essential to goal set and stay on track as a uni student, with all of the work load you are given. The Craze Cloud collection offers this notebook in two pastel colours that will stand out whether that be in your room, or your bag. If you are a goal setter, check this notebook out! 

goal planner notebook book blue

Eco-friendly Study Planner

Next up, is the nu: Evolve Study Planner. The nu: Evolve Study Planners are made using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. Not only are these notebooks eco-friendly, they’re also recyclable too! Making small sustainable friendly choices, makes a huge difference and you can start by purchasing a notebook from our nu: evolve range! Fun fact: these notebooks are made using fully FSC®-certified recycled paper & board from cover to cover and are printed using vegetable-based inks! Take a look at this planner here. 

study planner eco friendly
The University Project Book

Another ESSENTIAL you have to have for going back to uni… the Project Book

Juggling different classes or projects? Then this project planner book can keep all your notes, lists and ideas separate. Keeping more organised at university with this project book will save you heaps of time allowing you to socialise a whole lot more.
Not only will you be more organised but as its part of the nu: Evolve range it is the eco-friendly choice, made from recycled material and fully recyclable once you're done with it.

project book notebook blue eco friendly

Best Notepad for University Lectures

Whether you type up your lecture notes on your laptop or by hand, this notebook is for you! The nu: Cloud Pastels A4 Notebook is perfect for writing up summaries after a lecture in preparation for coursework or exams, or if you just require a notepad to note down the essential info. This notepad consists of high-quality white, ruled paper, which allows for the important no show through! Available in a range of pastel colours… take a look at our collection now! 

undated blue planner notebook

The Undated Planner

Recommendation number 6… the undated planner. 

This undated planner will last for 18 months (78 weeks). Along with being made with FSC certified paper so you know you're doing your bit for the environment. The advantage is if you skip a couple of weeks for the summer break you can jump straight back where you left off so you won't be wasting any pages after a holiday. It comes in many soft beautiful colours to pick from so you can make your aesthetic. There's a twist... this notebook is currently only available through our GIVEAWAY this month!

grey smooth planner notebook
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