A Students Guide: How To Enjoy Summer

Below we have put together some fun ideas on how to enjoy your Summer ’22, no matter what kind of student you are! No one guide fits all, we are all different, enjoying different things, so what kind of student are you? 

The hard-working student? 

For some, the idea of no work, no lectures and no structure for the whole summer can be scary or just not your cup of tea! If you are wanting to keep progressing your career or earn some extra money, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Here are a few ideas: 

- Apply to jobs: a great pace to start is recruitment sites like Indeed and Reed. 

- Visit local shops and businesses: maybe start with introducing yourself, handing in a CV and then explaining to them that you are looking for a job for summer! Most places would love an extra helping hand for a few months, normally their most busy time. 

Student taking notes in front of laptop

- LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with professionals, to enquire about potential job opportunities and to apply to roles directly. 

- Research summer internships that may interest you and contribute to your CV! 

The party student? 

We all know the student we are talking about. Instead of working or getting an internship, you would rather rest, rejuvenate and have fun this summer. Or maybe you are someone who wants to find the balance between work hard and play hard. Festivals? City breaks? A holiday? There are endless ways to find fun this summer with your besties. 

Want specifics? Here are few we came up with: 

- Go on a boozy holiday with your besties! Popular destinations for clubbing are Ibiza, Ayia Napa and Zante. It all depends on your budget, and where you fancy, but with some basic research, you’ll be set for the perfect holiday! 

- Don’t fancy a party destination? There are other great places to visit around the world that offer entertainment but without the party tourists. Try places like the Canary Islands, Spain and France for some cheaper places to go with your friends! 

- What about a festival? There are lots of festivals in the UK if you don’t want to spend money on flights and accommodation. The website Ticketmaster is a great place to find festivals and events. You could also have a browse for Gigs and smaller events for a chance to see your favourite bands and artists. 

Make sure to drop us a message if you try any of the activities on our lists! 

The student volunteering enthusiast? 

If paid work isn’t of interest to you this summer, then volunteering is an amazing way to help your community, build up the CV and to meet new people. PLUS, it feels amazing to help others! 

Students volunteering by picking up litter

Here are some ways to get into volunteering: 

- Volunteer at a UK Kids Camp or festival! 

- Volunteer at local cafes, businesses, shops or a care home. 

- Charity shops are always looking for more caring, enthusiastic people to help out! 

You may also want to consider some less formal forms of unpaid work, rather than structured volunteering to fill your time. For example: 

- Help that family member out that keeps asking you to do that thing… 

- Ask your grandparents if they need any errands run for them. 

- Offer to do the gardening or shopping for an elderly neighbour. 

The book worm student? 

If you haven’t had enough of reading after all the extra reading at university, then you are a true book worm! Reading is great to spend your days, making you feel very calm and presence. Whether it is non-fiction or fiction books that take your interest, we have ideas for you! 

Student reading lots of books

- Try a reading challenge! 

- Try all your local cafes. 

- Take your book to the local park or even drive to another outdoor area in your area! 

- Reading in the local park is weather permitting… (can we really trust that? We can’t in the UK that’s for sure!) so how about grabbing a warm coffee or a cosy hot chocolate, run yourself a bath, light some candles and treat yourself to a self-care evening with just you and your book. Another great way to relax, is add some journaling in to your evening! (check out our mindfulness journal here). 

No matter what you like to do with your time -whether that is going out with your friends or reading a good book, we have you sorted. We hope you have an amazing summer and keep us updated with what you get up to! 

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