6 Top Tips for the Return to Uni and Back to School

Its back-to-school time already! This time of year, can bring up lots of different feelings. First day nerves, stressful experience of having to prep, or maybe you are starting a new school. Are you a parent or guardian of someone who is going back to school over the next few weeks? Or perhaps you are a university student, going off to a new city for the time! We have put together some of our top tips for getting through this time, and preparing in the best way! 😊

1: Jot Down Your Worries.

Getting your thoughts and any concerns you may have down onto paper, can help you to process it and take the pressure out of your head. If you don’t like to write things down on paper, then use your sacred phone notes app. Top tip, if you want to make sure your thoughts are kept private, you can lock your notes on an app - this way you can write freely. 😊

2: Preparation!

Make sure you prepare for your first day. It is a good idea to look at your first week as a whole and plan what you will need. If you wear uniform, ensure that it is all washed, cleaned and ironed before your first day back! If you get to choose your outfit, we would suggest spending the time doing this the day before, minimising the amount you have to think about on that first day. Anything you do beforehand, will make the transition to back to school/ uni, that little bit smoother.

3: Time Management.

After a long-time off school (even if it did fly by!), you are going to need to adjust back into the routine. Getting up earlier than you think on your first day and allowing yourself enough time to get ready without feeling rushed is a great way to have a great first day! 😊 It will ensure you aren’t late, but also that you have a stress free morning. Also it is essential to leave extra time for traffic, no one wants to be late on their first day back!

4: Go To Sleep Early.

How can you except yourself to get up earlier for your first day back, if you don’t go to sleep earlier. Getting a good time sleep has so many benefits that will translate into an effective back to school experience. If you struggle to sleep, make sure to follow sleep guidelines. This may include avoiding caffeine, ensuring your room is dark, and avoiding screen time before bed.

5: Start a Journal!

Go a step beyond just jotting down your thoughts, and actually start a journal. A journal is a great way to process emotions, but also to plan your day. Journaling has so many great benefits, it can help to relieve stress. Back to school and returning to uni is an experience that shouldn’t be underestimated, it is okay to feel worried. But putting things in place to have my control over how you feel, can really help.

6: Buy Yourself Notebooks That You LOVE!

It’s obviously important to start the year with fresh notebooks, allowing you to start fresh with untouched pages. You’ll be starting new subjects and starting a new notebook is the best way to separate the new year from your old topics.

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