5 Things Stationery Addicts Need

Are you a stationery addict? Or do you have a friend, family member or colleague who is? Maybe you find yourself always drifting to the stationery areas of the shop to browse. Do you end up buying a new stationery item at every single opportunity? You may be a stationery addict We all love the feeling of opening the pages of a new notebook and love the buzz from purchasing new stationery! It’s a form of self-care, right?

We have put together a list of 5 things that are ESSENTIAL to stationery addicts!

1. A Personalised Notebook.

A notebook like no other! A personalised notebook with your initials on is so special and can hold the most valuable of notes. Stationery lovers know the feeling of writing and using a new notebook, but when it also has your initials on, that feeling is even more addictive. Whether you know a stationery addict or you are one yourself, a personalised notebook is the essential addition to your collection! The nu Personalisation Service is free and makes any notebook, even more special. Take comfort in the fact that your unique gift (and yes you should also buy this gift for yourself ) is one of a kind. All you have to do is enter your initials to our online tool and choose from a variety of foiling colours. Get started now and add a personalised notebook to your collection!

2. Treat Yourself To A New Pen

There is nothing like a new pen to take notes with. Maybe you want a new version of the same model pen you always use. Or perhaps you can treat yourself to a new type of pen, a more luxurious one? Its such a good feeling writing with a smooth foundation pen. So, tell yourself whatever you need to, so that you go and get one! What’s your favourite type of pen to write with? Everyone has such different preferences, or maybe you haven’t thought about the type of pen you use before!

3. Recyclable, Sustainable Stationery!

“One more won’t hurt” “I don’t have a notebook for this exact thing though!” Sound familiar? It sure does to us! We are no strangers to purchasing new notebooks for every occasion. However, what is better than choosing to purchase a sustainable, eco-friendly notebook? If you want to live a more sustainable life, you can do so by making small choices every day to help reduce the impact on the environment. It could be as simple as drinking from a reusable water bottle, eating fair trade foods or purchasing a notebook that is 100% recycled. Check out what sustainable choices we have for you at nu: Notebooks. All of our products are made using FSC® certified paper and board. This means that the trees used to make the paper and covers are from responsibly farmed forests.

Must Have Notebook: The nu: Evolve Project Book.

Our nu: evolve range is printed using vegetable- based inks – a natural, renewable and sustainable alternative to regular petroleum-based inks. Available in both A4 and A5, in 2 colours, the evolve project book is a must have for any stationery lover.

4. A Bookmark To Match Your Notebooks!

If you are like us, you may forget to use a bookmark. However, it is such an essential - no more endless turning to find the right page that you left off on. Find a cute bookmark that matches your favourite notebooks and thank us later! If you are feeling really productive, you could make one? Add your favourite designs, and colours, and make it your own .

5. A Goal Planner Notebook

Most stationery addicts will have plenty of different notebooks. But how many have a goal planner notebook? The Nu: Craze Cloud Pastel Goal Planner is dedicated to helping the user achieve their goals! The internal paper is ruled with a goal planning template which includes things to do planning, space for your daily notes and 2 sections to reflect on how your day went and what your goals are. We are also obsessed with the 2 pastel colours available with this notebook – check them out here! We know you’ll love them just as much as we do! Another ESSENTIAL.

We hope you have found this useful if you are stuck with what to get a stationery addict. If you yourself are the stationery lover, find out more about these 5 ideas by clicking the links 😊. There is no shame in loving notebooks, treat yourself and let us know which you decide to go for!

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